Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

to the woman who//
- gave birth to me
- loves to snuggle
- drove me to and from school, practice, piano lessons, and everywhere in between
- is always put together
- makes sure each and every birthday is perfect & special for me
- encourages me to try new things
- woke up at 5:15 every single day for 8 years to see her girlies off to seminary
- looks like my older sister
- loves me unconditionally
- inspires me to be the best version of myself
- has better fashion sense than most girls my age
- stalked me in SLC when i was on my mission and wasn't supposed to have visitors...
- taught me everything i know
- enriches my life through her endless wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence
- still rubs my back before i go to bed {when i'm home for the holidays}
- laughs at my jokes
- gives me her clothes whenever i say i like them
- doesn't like driving in the dark
- educated me in the art of how to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie
- puts her family before herself
- is so creative and crafty
- instinctively knows when things are wrong
- understands what i need, even before i do
- sends me little texts every morning to remind me how much she loves me

i love you the millionest, SJ.  happy mother's day to jew <3

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